The Vaaldam is one of the largest inland dams with more than 1100 sq km’s shoreline.

It is one of the cleanest dams, with water clean enough to drink, swim, and a haven for all types of water sports. The dam supply water to Johannesburg and Surrounding areas.

Currently there are four towns around the Vaaldam, one in Gauteng, and 3 on the Freestate borders of the town. The towns are Vaalmarine(Gauteng) , Deneysville(Freestate), Oranjeville(Freestate), Villiers(Freestate), and Franfort ( Freestate).Villiers is next to the Vaalriver that feeds the dam, Franfort next to the Wilgeriver that also feeds the dam. Deneysville, Oranjeville, and Vaalmarine are all on the shoreline of the Vaaldam.

The dam is probably the largest playground for water sports. It has been said that there are more keelboats at Vaaldam than all our coastal harbors. It is also ideal for fishing, skiing, canoeing . There are more than 10 sailing clubs around the dam.

In early stone-age times, the San had settled along the shore of the Vaal river, where Deneysville is established today. They were followed by the Khoikhoi. Ruins of their dwellings can be seen in the area today.

Deneysville was established during the period of the building of the Vaaldam wall. At the time of completion, it became South Africa’s first international airport when Imperial Airway’s first ‘C’ Class flying boat ‘Canopus’ Landed here in 1937.

The village was named after Deneys Reitz who was Minister of Agriculture at the time. The stone cottage on the waterfront built by the Reitz family is now St, Peter’s Church, a popular wedding venue.

The Vaaldam is only 110 km,s from Johannesburg, East Rand , or the West rand, not more than one and a half hours drive away. It is approximately 30 km,s from large towns such as Vereeniging, Sasolburg and Van der Bijl Park , and about 50 km,s from Heidelberg.